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 Hoshigaku Clan Jutsu/Kekki-genkai

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Akina Hoshigaku
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PostSubject: Hoshigaku Clan Jutsu/Kekki-genkai   Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:49 am

Kekki genkai:

Name: Tsuchiyami

Appearance: Turns eyes completely black and veins pulse around the eye to form a small clear pupil.

What you would Control: Have night vision. Also the ability to conjer and control black lightning. If proper chakra use is involved teleportation.

Jutsu's: Main Jutsu Involved with trait. All Seeing Eye Jutsu. Allows me to scope the room when activated.

Abilities: Night vision as well as teleportation

Drawbacks: Light after activating causes me to become temporarily blinded until eyes adjust. Also requires a good amount of chakra to maintain.

((Will be edited))
Name: Shadow Senbon Jutsu: Thousand Needles of Death

Requirements: Chuunin

Description: When three senbon are thrown if hit they will multiply into a shower of senbon.

Drawbacks: Requires a focused concentrated amount of chakra. Can only be performed twice at chuunin level.
Name: Black Lightning Fist

Requirements: Beginning stages: chuunin Mastery: Jounin

Description: Forms a black ball of lightning like chakra into the users hand.

Drawbacks: Puts large amount of strain on an untrained users body. Maximum amount of usage for any user of any level is 3 times. Tsuchiyami must be active
Name: All Seeing Eye Jutsu

Requirements: Basic genin jutsu

Descriptions: Allows the user to scope an area. Tsuchiyami must be active

Drawbacks: Puts a large strain on the eyes. Requires up to one post for the user to regain sight back.
Name: Black Lightning Blade

Requirements: Jounin

Description: Creates a blade out of black lightning chakra. Tsuchiyami must be active. Can be infused with a normal sword.

Drawbacks: Requires a large amount of chakra. Maximum number of uses: 1 With sword: 2


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Hoshigaku Clan Jutsu/Kekki-genkai
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